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The put up the cash. Just

The put up the cash. Just because you like baseball and hot dogs and the sound of bats cracking is not a reason to force people to relinquish more of their property to pay for your recreational tool. Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for this so that a bunch of people can get rich behind the scenes. You don't see this sort of thing in the business world - only in government. Can you imagine a company like Ford trying to force Chevrolet to buy them a new factory because they don't want to shoulder the risk - just the profits? But somehow when it's government, it's ok when private companies demand that the government force taxpayers to fund their facility so they don't have to experience the inconvenience and risk - just reap the rewards. What a scam these guys have going for them - this community should be in solidarity telling them to go to hell with their public funding model. Too bad we have people so shallow that their love of baseball overrides all critical analysis and common sense - not to mention dignity and self-respect.


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