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Come on Ben. Be serious for

Come on Ben. Be serious for one minute. If anyone used a real name on here and called you out, what are you going to do? I doubt if you met anyone on the street who called you out on a media forum you'd say one thing about it to them.

You're the one with the "cyber courage" never showing your face or addressing your "concerns" at a single press conference, city council meeting, are the epitome of "cyber courage". I will give you one thing, you have gone door to door albeit,miss-leading people with your fake numbers (what solid source has your info come from? please let everyone here know) and scare tactics, but you have yet to ONCE..just ONCE sit down (or speak) with anyone involved in this process to find out further details. They are more than happy to speak to anyone interested enough to ask, but you won't. You sit back and take everything you read on the interwebs as gospel.

I know what you'll say. You wont have a sit down with anyone because they'll just lie to you. Which is sad, you've lost faith in your fellow man and are refusing to make proper choices based on relevant information.

It's a shame, someone with your motivation and drive could be an amazing boone to our city, instead you choose to complain and name call rather sit down for logical (non-computer-based) conversation, with some research and some healthy debate. Every time someone debates you in these media forums, you immediately digress to using terms like "idiot" or "stupid" within the first few lines. I don't blame you, you're doing what you think is right, which is comendable, but your barking on a issue you haven't researched fully. (please don't site akdart as research.)

Hopefully one day you'll see that change can be made, without the use of anger.


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