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Your argument is illogical as always.

Are the Braves Ford? And we're Chevrolet? Or are the politicians Ford? And the taxpayers Chevrolet? You do realize how incoherent you get when you're angry, Benny?

It used to be funny but now it is just pathetic. When is it going to get through that thick skull of yours that your nonsensical ramblings that never discuss the actual terms of the proposed agreement are falling on deaf ears?

You know what your problem is, right? You start foaming at the mouth, typing too fast, ranting and raving incoherently, and you lose the ability to use the English language.

The people HAVE spoken. The people HAVE told the crooked politicians to go to hell. And that is why YOU and YOUR CRONIES can't win an election in this town. You are exactly the scheming, dishonest politician we are fed up with.

Also, take a shower, dude. You smell like a hobo.


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