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We Pay, Everyone else gets in for Free

So lets see. City residents get to pay while adjoining counties, visitors get to enjoy our efforts. Yea, that makes a lot of sense. Let the minority pay for the majority. This should be completely private and cost paid for by ticket and concession revenue. Charge what you want. If people think it is so great they will pay. What happens if the private part folds? City residents and only city residents get stuck withe tab. As long as you idiots keep putting Saffo and his minions in next we will be paying for all council members to ride in limos. Wilmington you must wake up and vote these stooges out who want to use taxes for private enterprise. Presently at the Azalea Festival social functions the bigwigs while drinking their tea and admiring each other are plotting. While their daughters walk around in their gardens wearing bloomers they are figuring how to get more tax payer money. This "Gone with the Wind" group are just greedy ass snobs and they can build that stadium with their money not taxpayers.


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