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Okay, that takes care of the stadium

You have to wonder, however, who is paying for the road inprovements, the exit ramps, the signs, the increased parking facilities, the additional man hours required by WPD to direct traffic, and all the other additional infrastructure that MIGHT bring in some money in the short term.

Yes, one thing that hasn't been mentioned is that these minor league teams are remarkably similar to a state lottery. Initial turnout is fantastic, but once the newness wears thin, so does the attendance. Anyone who attended an Indians game when they were in Kinston AND on a losing streak knows that there was a LOT of room to stretch out in the grandstands.

But heck, as long as the county stays out of it and my taxes aren't impacted, you guys can build anything your little hearts desire, anything that makes you happy. It will simply make the rest of us fight annexation that much harder to keep from becoming part of a city with already excessive levels of debt and taxation, likely getting worse if this nonsense goes through.


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