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Building the stadium would be a great addition to ILM. If a franchise wants to conduct business in our city we should welcome it. We dont have to pay for it, but we should want "$$" from outside our local area coming to our area. There would be an inital bubble. But the long term benefits, would be a complete downtown skyline, with jobs, a robust youth and middle class. The convention center would have more allure and use. The stadium could be used for public school sporting events. It would create more options with the movie industry, keeping them coming back. If residents pay tax's to create this in part or whole, tax payers should receive dividends. Companies producing textiles and factory jobs, would be more likely to move to ILM if they had something more to do then stare at the ocean. Although it is a great ocean. The stadium will attract more tourists to our community. Tourists spending there money in our economy = growth, jobs, sustainment. When the economy goes stagnent we just pass around our money to each other and growth is very slow and very long term.

I say build it. Give them a tax break to build it. Ensure they use 75% of NC residents to build it. Higher local companies to support the stadiums needs. Furthermore, a stadium build on the river would help clean up the older leftover industry not used anymore and replace it by building the NEW WILMINGTON on the roots of the old.



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