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The house cleaning continues...

This is probably a really positive sign that the "old boys club" is coming to an end in Leland PD. While we will likely never find out what these cops were suspended - I suspect gonna be fired - for due to NC's "personnel privacy laws", they likely don't do this without thinking it through. I, like many, have never really had any direct dealings with Leland PD other than the frequent roadblocks.
Being that I drive - alot - I run into these roadchecks in many locals. I don't drink and drive, and my car is properly reg'd and insured, so I have zero to be concerned about at them. Overhead light on at night, license and reg in hand, and they are the only ones that consistently have a really nasty attitude.
I did have a conversation with Mike James a little while back, and from what I gathered from the guy, he didn't like what he was seeing in the department, and was "all ears" for the residents concerns.
Really happy to see he's actually following through.
One thing I find interesting in the quote above is that "The level of service required of the police department by the town and the citizens will not be diminished by the actions taken today."
They've suspended five cops, and they can still provide the same level of service. That means that these five were probably not doing anything useful.


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