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If I may?

I'll make this short and sweet, No wait!!! I'll make this sweet how's that? I'm going to hit on all my talents tonight as its a good night to do as such right? First? My newest talent, knock knock jokes, ready? "Knock Knock" (20 seconds later), KNOCK KNOCK"!!" (30 seconds later) KNOCK STINKING KNOCK"!!!! Just then a janitor walks by and says, "Knock all you want sunny no ones gonna answer they all got suspended" GET IT????
Now? a poem,
Once in a place called Leland
Lived several Cop demons
Along came a Chief
who in only 2 weeks
Cleaned house and made Leland a GREAT place to live, visit, tour, shop, eat, walk your dog, wash your car, Um, a bit off track I get it. .....Its a work in progress.

Citizens of Leland take great pride in who I am hoping becomes the new Chief. Mr James? I have heard NOTHING negative about you. I'm hard to impress and you have indeed done just that. Great job looking forward to working with you.. ...Say's who? Say's I was right all along Kblue!


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