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Another Democratic operative quits.. Big Surprise

with the GAO powers that be (While many government workers are long time civil servants all the heads of the agencies and sub managers are political appointees meaning these GAO bums who blew tax payer money were Democrats!!!).. Complain all you want but the Dumbocrats are the reason we are 5 Trillion more in debt then before Bush left.. They love to spend on their cronys like Solyndra.. Rule #1. If private companies cant make it work. Throwing billions in tax dollars aint gonna help either, except make your donor buddies very rich with tax payer money.. Admittedly their are questions involving Halyburton and former VP Cheney but thats one company with one situation.. Obama and his crew are well past that and then some sorry to say.. The NC Dems are in complete collapse they lost both houses and more then likely Pat McCrory will be our new Governor come November. BTW I had the displeasure of meeting Susie Hamilton during voting back in 2010 and she was soo shrill and nearly violating the electioneering rules shes lucky she didnt get tossed outta the Govt Ctr shes also so damn clueless its amazing she had any clue what she was voting for in raleigh in fact she probably didnt.. It was probably pure partisianship with her if it had a D tagged to it she voted YEs and if it had an R she voted No..


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