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"Reverse News"

Jeez Louise...just when we've been told gas prices are on the rise! Think someone wants us to hurry to buy gas? #%(^(^)^%$#$@$@#&*)(*!!!
Someone at Screen Gems (here's a freebie for you writers) needs to do a sitcom series called "Reverse News", and play out "weekly" all the big events in our news...local or national...that are reported on in respect of "This is what's going to happen now Folks"...then follow up on the very next show about how "all predictions" went "REVERSE" of the original stories.
Henceforth..."Reverse News". And here are some examples:
Week 1. "Middle East Crisis...gas prices will sky rocket!!"
Week 2. "The oil companies today reported a drop in revenue in sales...and gas prices have come down 4 cents on the gallon since last week".
Week 3. "Wilmington,NC will build a new baseball field in an attempt to better their infrastructure in today's competitive marketing".
Week 4. "Wilmington City Council will now hire an outside agency to really see if a baseball field can work by not using tax payer's money. Maybe the tax payers will flip some of the bill for Council's idea of a new play toy that the city residents can not afford".
Someone else add their weekly ideas...Screen Gems awaits you!


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