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its sad you believe all you read

looking from a distance all cast judgment on happenings in which you think you all know you sit there claiming "praise the lord" in which you probably are a spineless follower. you think that for one second any news source is credible in this entire country. yet the moment something is released you give your praises to someone not knowing if there is any accuracy at all. if when all the smoke clears the five are cleared. will you praise the Lord that they were just rumors or will you then say they must have "weaseled" their way back in. the truth either way sets all men free. far be it for me or anyone else to cast judgment. everyday in every industry there are wrong doings and there are those with integrity. i believe that if you were being raped mugged or beaten and one of these "5" observed it they would protect and defend you. yet still you cast stones...


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