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U never know????

U are exactly right "YOU WILL NEVER KNOW" or get a clue. Do you actually think they are going to put their deeds in the Police Blotter? DUH! These indivduals would stand there and laugh if you were getting beaten and robbed. They are a source of good military drugs that they shared on an everyday basis with each other. So not only did they get drugs off of the streets of Leland they also put them back on the streets too. YOU need to wish the citizens of Leland good luck because they are going to need it more now than ever.
These guys are NOT normal Law Enforcement Officers! They are the best thing to Law Enforcement before time began. (So they will tell you). It's not that we are judgemental but we tell the truth unlike the past administration of the Leland Police department. There are still more bad ones to go! Those of us on the inside know the real thruth and are willing to tell it to all of the authorities that we can. The Leland Five trusted the wrong people! HAH!!!!!
If you are not from here than you have no right to pass judgement on this situation. Those of us that are here and now have seen all of them do their dirty, filthy, nasty and deviant things and we are sick of it! Drugs, pornogaphy, prostitution, stealing, assaults, breaking and enterings are just a few of the things that they specialize in. They are no different than the street crook. They are different only because they wear a badge and a gun. DIRTY COPS!!!!!!!


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