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Mirror, mirror...

"Trailer Trash" has a couple of problems. 1) She's a crack head. 2) She's pregnant.

Which one of these problems is the CORRECT one to address for her benefit and the benefit of society?

If she has an abortion, isn't she still a crack head that needs help?
If she has an abortion, wouldn't she have one more thing she'll hate herself for doing, if she wanted keep the child but for her addiction?

What about us? What kind of people are WE for telling her, or anyone, that the 'right' thing to do is to kill her child so we won't be burdened by her and her brat? What kind of people are we that we wouldn't pull out ALL the stops to help her get clean in light of the fact there are now two people that need her to?

All of my friends that were adopted after being born into difficult situations deserve to live. As well as all the kids that were adopted that I'll never know. And all the kids whose parents kept them in the difficult circumstances. If someone were to suggest that we'd all be better off if they hadn't lived, it would be very hurtful to them. Makes me have a very visceral reaction. Similar to the one I get when I think of the people that would spit on Vietnam vets - people that were also targeted because America didn't want to address the real issues, and harmed THEM for their association instead. Just like that babies targeted by abortion.


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