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Hey confused2, maybe you

Hey confused2, maybe you should educate yourself a little before you start criticizing something you obviously know nothing about. First of all, we you say the firemen just stood around, what did you expect them to do, drive their large fire trucks into the middle of the woods to put out the fire???? Did it ever occur to you that the WFD fire trucks are manly set up to fight structure fires in an urban area, and not large wood fires??? Did it ever occur to you that maybe they were waiting on the smaller WFD forest fire pickups to get on scene so they could get to the fire??? Did it ever occur to you that they were also waiting for the forest service (who do have the resources to fight a forest fire) to get there with their equipment??? Since you want to criticize without any knowledge of what you are talking about, then I can just as easily criticize you and your friends. If you say that you and your friends had it “put out” with a bucket and dirt, I have 2 questions for you. Why then did you call the fire department if you had it “put out”??? And if you did have it “put out”, what were you expecting the FD to do??? It seems to me you didn’t have it “put out” since you called the FD, and now you just want to sit back and criticize them for whatever reason. Heck, by listening to your explanation of the fact that it was “put out” and then suddenly restarted when the FD got there, leads me to believe that either the fire grew because of the strong wind and dry conditions, like the FD has said, or you were never there in the first place and you just want to criticize the FD. Maybe you should go talk to all of the people in the area who are actually thankful for the hardwork and dedication of our firemen in saving their homes and neighborhood before you criticize people for something you know nothing about. Or even more important, maybe you should stop by a fire station and talk to the firemen to see why they do what they do before you start criticizing them, then maybe you might actually learn how hard these people work!!!!!!


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