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I couldn't agree more with

I couldn't agree more with you. WFD work 24 hour shifts, for very little. They don't receive the proper training, their insurance is raised every year, and they haven't gotten a raise in 5 years. Major Saffo is an idiot. He sees WFD as a Liability, they are only there because the State says they have to be. Everyone of those people have familys that they have to support and it can't be done with what they are paid from the City of Wilmington. They did an awesome job on that fire, I am sure mistakes were made, however after spending the morning being told how their insuarance is going up AGAIN, and there will NOT be a raise AGAIN this year, I can't really see how standing in smokey woods, in heavy turn out gear in 80 plus degree weather sounds like a good time for them, just so hateful people can sit at their computers and bash the work they do, however not one of you talking about them has the balls to go into a house fire and do what they do.


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