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u never know????????

We guess YOU will never know how it feels to be degraded, lied about and schemed against. This man was the so called Supervisor over the shooting of Offier Sherry Lewis. He laughed when she was getting shot in the crotch. He discriminated against all of the officers that he didn't like and he recruited Kozak, Dellapia to see to it that it was carried out. They in turn recruited little cry baby Landen to actually carry out the shooting. All four need to be arrested, tried and convicted. They showed no respect for the badge what so ever. It was all about them! Once the ball got rolling they couldn't stop it. Now that he has opted out he doesn't have to answer any questions by anyone. And you thought he didn't have a brain.
All of you people that are sad to see this happen it is absolutely true that "what goes around comes around"! They made their bed now they can lie in it! LMAO!

P.S. Karl never did any of the things YOU describe!


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