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WOrk on the idiot drunks.. not the 5mph over layman

There need to be checks every weekend....
Every one I know either got busted for a DUI years ago, grew up and takes a cab or most don't go out at all, and the other 95% joke about what good drunk drivers they are or say I only have a few...
Instead of busting people for going 5 over to work which doesn't happen since every car in front of you is friggin texting and you can't get within 10 mph of the actual speed limit anyway, why don't you get these drunk idiots and morons off our roads! You should start with Country Club Road after a big member event at the club like the annual Christmas Party..
(Granted the clubs biggest drunk lives on that road in a little white house) but wait.. never mnd.... They can buy their way out of the ticket and we wouldn't have any doctors available to treat us if you did a bust on that road... SO yeah.. Stick to he bridges at the beaches and on 74/76... Oh and campus and surrounding neighborhoods


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