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anger issue??

Wow, you seem like a real jerk. Before you go wishing everyone one would get ran over on the north end you should stop and think... these are people you are talking about. Someone's daughter, son, mother, father & ect. How would you feel if we all wished you would take a ride on your jet ski and not return from your trip. How would you & your loved ones feel about this remark? Sounds like its just what the north end needs to run off everyone that hangs out now and have nothing but people like you that obviously have anger issues and get all worked up and start wishing to inflict pain or death on others. oh yeah that sounds like a much safer beach area with a bunch of mad at the world jerks. now that's a place i would want to keep children away from. angery men that has a ticking bomb inside of them.... oh what a relaxing time that would be :/ For your information most of the north end people are mostly country folks that own a 4x4 and taking advantage of opportunity to have a fun day at the beach and unwind. Drinking and parting is EVERYWHERE bad things happen EVERYWHERE.... look around you, it is not just the north end. I go out there on many weekends with my dogs and my family and never have any trouble with anyone. We park are spot and mind our business in our section that we park our truck. Maybe if I went looking for trouble I would find it but I choose to mind my own business and not worry about what the guy 3 cars down is drinking


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