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Because the killer is in

Because the killer is in custody.

If it is true that the cops found White Supremacy materials in the shooter's house, it seems like Motive, Method, and Opportunity are all known.

Some here on this forum say this is a "well-known" issue; obviously, not known to the shooter. Others say the Remington 700 is solid, as does the manufacturer. Either way, a loaded, "stored" weapon was discharged, wounding two and killing one. Negligence is still negligence.

A person is wrongfully DEAD. There must be atonement and recompense, be it Criminal, Civil or both.

This case is somewhat similar to that of Sanford, FL. If the cops would just simply make an arrest and let the courts sort it out, there would be no issue. But they didn't. Let's face it, you're not going to find many "bright" bulbs in Police forces in these small towns. Alas, Barney Fife comes to mind.


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