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many would suggest you stop and think before deciding to spout off.

You twist and turn with every new article. Are you employed by Mandalay o the property owner who wants to build on that overpriced piece of riverfront?

What proprietary information is Mandaly going to divulge that could hurt them? Be real.

The contract is designed to identify the best possible location, physically and financially, within the city to place the stadium. That may well result in a site other than on the water.

The contract is designed to identify the physical issues of the site chosen which will impact the cost and construction of the stadium.

The contract is designed to develop estimates on attendance required and concession sales which will determine if the stadium will become a drain on the city.

The contract did not call for Ripkin to have any imput on the management of the team which will play there.

If you've ever been to a stadium Ripkin designed, and there's one right down in Myrtle Beach, they do a pretty darm good job at designing a stadium.

So tell me, why should Mandalay have the right to complain?

What amazes me Mike is just a few days ago, you were taking pot shots at me when I suggested the city could better outline what the contracted party would be doing and getting a signed contract for a team before worrying about stadium design. You were also praising the virtues of Ripkin.

What wind ruffled your feathers Mike?

You flip flop more than a Politician.


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