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RE: Council made right decision

Did they Terry? From what I have seen and read, the Council didn't make the decision at all. That is what you are missing! The Braves and Mandalay made the decision. Phone calls made to Council the morning of said they would not work with the City if they selected Ripkin? That sounds a whole lot like the Braves made threats and the City allowed them to make the decision. So if you think the decision is the right one, that is fine, but let's all be very clear about who made the decision.

I voted for a City Council to look out for my best interests as a tax payer. I did not elect Bobby Cox. O'Grady is quoted in an article about not understanding Mandalay's concerns yet he still acted on them?

"They have expressed serious concerns about it; I don’t know if they are valid concerns or not and some of them I’m not really sure why." - O'Grady

If he doesn't understand something, I don't want him voting on something. As one of his constituents, I want him to understand "the why" before he votes -- That is his job! His job is not to make make buddies with the Atlanta Braves.

The Council has said that Mandalay didn't want Ripkin because of proprietary information -- what information is needed for a market analysis and site selection? Last time i checked, demographics are public information and stadiums take up the same amount of acreage. back. door. hand. shakes. The council is concerned about getting off on the wrong foot with a potential 30 year partner? How about worrying about your relationship with the community that has already lived here for 30 years and more? Right now it is clear that the allure of making the Braves happy is higher priority.


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