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Have you ever watched single

Have you ever watched single A ball. The rosters constantly change, thus not much of a chance for fan favorites which spark extra interest. I challenge you in this. The Sharks and UNC-W play ball up to and probably better than single A ball. Great baseball is played by “Teams” whose rosters have been together long enough to form bonds between players. So you can stick your opinion that Single A ball is far superior to anything else this city has to offer. Here's the bottom line. You want professional baseball, and you want it at any cost. You are willing to say and do anything to achieve your goal. You feel that you are all knowing and you have the right to tell others that they have to spend their money so you can reach your goals. If you, the Mayor, and the city council were using a gun instead of a pen, you would be on your way to prison. You are like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum when someone says no. The one thing you fail to understand or admit is this. Stealing is stealing whether you use a gun or a public forum to try and call it something else. A mugger is no different than you, using force (government) to take from others to satisfy their wants. If you want this, USE PRIVATE FUNDS TO COVER 100% OF THE COST! Why is this so hard to understand? Nobody I've talked to is against growth or a baseball stadium. They are sick and tired of the tax payers footing the bill so the wealthy can have risk free investments. BTW, were you aware there was another sewage spill this week? This issue, though not as cool as baseball, needs to be fixed now...................... A shiny new stadium, next to a scenic river..............with raw sewage floating by, will be a hard ticket to sell or even give away.


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