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really people...there's so

really people...there's so much trouble in the world... negitive comments on this platform shows your ignorant... the hostility and lack of respect in your words directed to this interview makes you (to keep it clean) faceless internet thugs ... Ms. Hardie is your neighbor. She conducted herself in a professional manner keeping kids calm and orderly and out of harms way. light a match and put it out with your fingertips you you you proactive tough guy hero behind your keyboard. Interview editing has a great deal to do with your preception. This report is a breath of fresh air rather than a bus load of children with lungs filled with choking black smoke, dripping skin...and graveyard grief... a holacaustic experience averted that would clearly destroy lives long after this story fades.
What if you were one child that was unfortunate enough to have panic take hold and fall while trying to escape...burned alive and unfortunate enough to survive? You have no idea the pain and suffering...... Are you wishing for such evil? Any derogatory comments ignoramousasszzzzz...?? :-(x)get a life.


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