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Yes, Indeed

I was a firearms instructor for 25 years. The reports on this weapon misfiring are numerous even though the manufacturer will not admit it. Time after time it has been proven to misfire. I do wish people who purchase weapons would check out the consumer reports on them before buying, as some guns would be best left in the shop that is selling them.

I do suggest that all gun owners be thoroughly informed regarding the functions of their weapons. When starting to take guns out of cases for cleaning and such, always have the weapon pointed towards the floor (unless you live in apartment bldgs higher than the first floor) just in case something goes wrong. Also, you can't clean a "loaded gun", so unloading should always occur in a safe place and safe manner.

People just need to use a lot of common sense when handling any dangerous weapon. Lot's of gun owners "accidentally" shoot themselves while handling them. There is really no excuse for that when handled properly.

I don't think that the guy meant to hurt that innocent young lady or the others. It is a tragedy that a death and injuries occurred.


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