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Enough People!!!!!

Those of you who have posted forgiveness and praise for shooter have not experienced anything like this in your lives obviously. If it were your child or love one would you be so understanding and forgiving? this shooter had a responsiblity to take due care in this matter. People want to own guns but don't want to take responsibility for their carelessness when things like this happen. Since the Trayvon case opened up this war on race I see that some white people will stand by anyone that murders a black person as long as the victim is not their family or loved one. So here you are blaming the poor child that was murdered by saying she was in the wrong place at the wrong time when in fact she was in the right place at the right time. Media is not causing divide in this country or world for that matter, it is the people no matter the race who refuse to accept that every life is precious and valuable. God gave us life and aloud his only son to die in order that we have everlasting life. He did not say in order for white people to have everlasting life or just black people to have everlasting life. Every life is precious in his eyes. How many more gun cleanings will lead to more gun misfires? Be careful with what you choose to believe. To those in support of the shooter not being charged in this case need to remember this could have been your child or love one and then ask yourself this, Out of all the crimes commited in this country by black people how many black people have I stood my ground for? How many blacks have I blogged should go free? How many blacks have I blogged should not be charged with a crime they've commited? Save the media blame game and look within you and your heart. You may just find that you are a racist and blinded by the color of someone's skin. This is why black people need civil rights activists on their side because if blacks depended on fairness and the justice system they will lose every time. Just something to think about while you defending whats wrong with this world. All life is valuable!!!!!!!!


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