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And what is your point???

I am a black woman who is also sick of the race card being pulled in this country... To say the least, this country is still a very RACIST place to be but not just against blacks but really against anyone who is non-white, IN SOME CASES... You should be upset with the media and not ALL black people because for one there is NO WAY on earth you know how all of black people feel... The media fuels this crap with one sided stories that urges people to choose a side when the majority of the time. All the facts are not present... Also, the point of your links were to do what??? In those cases, ALL the guilty black people where brought up on charges, facing their entire lives behind bars with one being on DEATH ROW, which they DESERVE!!! In these case, you proved the other point and didn't even know it because, JUSTICE was SERVED!!! This does not equate to the same kind of case that this blog is about and your evidence was just a justification of how you TRULY feel about black people I think... The petition was started I believe because NO ONE is in jail, DUH!!! And investigation should have been done, no questions asked but it wasn't and that is unsettling to me as well... I'm not asking that the man be thrown to the wolves but a life (no matter of color) has been taken, do some research police!!! Lastly, if "you are starting to feel different" about all of your black friends, you should just live alone in your house and de-friend EVERYONE (black or white) you know because opinions are like buttholes buddy, everyone has them and YOU ARE not going to be able to control the way others may view things or feel... I'm SO SICK of whites using what SOME blacks do against the others who may not even view things the same as some others do, using this reason AGAINST the WHOLE race... Just like GOD will do on that great day, "judge EACH MAN accordingly"... Try it sometimes, its liberating...



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