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To sick and tired of race card pulling.

Beautiful girl! My heart always aches of a child's tragic death. Blacks will always be accused of pulling the race card if one speaks up or demand any type of justice or respect. This child and family deserves respect and justice regardless of color. An investigation should be conducted if this is an accident or not. A white person can never ever relate to the pain that blacks endure everyday even with those in high power positions. We have to work harder than our white co-worker,watch what we say,never ever gather in groups of more than three because we look suspicious in numbers and Yes, the talk we have to give our young black men before they drive (if you're stopped put both hands on steering wheel and don't move at all). Black people can only understand our voice we use at the office and the one we use at home. White people don't realize they're automatically coded with a negative deception of blacks. Whites do drugs(crack too),rob,steal,murder,and yes, there are more whites on food stamps. Blacks are enduring today what should be called Modern Day Slavery.


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