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The truth is

The mental health system is this state has been a complete and utter mess since Governor Early andthe Democrats demanded we come up with more local and community options well the money just isnt there all it did was dump the problem on local communities and cities/counties who dont have the facilities, staffing or anythingelse to deal with such cases.. When I lived and worked up in New Bern we had constantly situations where we had limited resources at our own inhouse locked facility much like the Oaks here in Wilmington however you come across a violent offender who has no self-control and in my luck I worked 2 nights this one gentleman came in who was literally on the verge of being a cross over to the next serial killer (he was torturing and killing animals).. He ended up at Cherry Hospital which is where all medicaid/uninsured cases went.. The truth is we have 3 literally 3 acute mental hospitals in this entire state of ours to deal with individuals who are violent and mentally ill Cherry Hospital near Goldsboro, Dix which is closing and being replaced by a unit in Butner near the Fed Prison and Broughton Hospital over west of Hickory NC.. There arent enough beds to deal with and treat these people who have very serious mental health issues. I know the idea was to deinstitutionalize people to put them in more community and home like settings but with some that just doesnt work and is not an option and I blame Governor Easley and his cronies along with the State Democratic controlled legislature that created this entire mess back inthe mid 2000s and is now coming home to roast more and more each day. You would be surprised to find out that a respectable percent of 'criminals' housed in jails are there due to mental illness not due to actually criminal actions. They act out therefore then end up locked up for disorderly conduct or assault due to anger and impulse control issues which may seem cut and dry to you and I but for those who suffer mental illness its not so easy. These people blackout and dont remember things its sad but true.. Not to mention those who suffer from bipolar disorder who are depressed suddenly only to end up going on 2-3 day benders which can include running up thousands of dollars or credit card bills or worse they steal items . They know its wrong but again its impulse control and such.. Im not justifying any criminal acts but what I am saying is our mental health system is broken now even more so then before and the solution to just shove them in a jail cell for 2-4 weeks thenthey end up on the street homeless doesnt solve anything. My next statement is probably goign to piss off some folks but maybe if DSS and Social Workers spent more time getting help for these mentally ill people who can get better instead of encourgaing the creekwood crowd to breed like rabbits we might all be better off.. One is about helping somebody in need. Another is just breeding dependance on the system.. I think in the end we know which is the better option.


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