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Charismatic Megafauna!!

BAN ALL POWERBOATS!! (Just kidding.) I saw this a couple of times with the Coast Guard. In fact, I even retrieved one (sea turtle) in the same condition..recovered the fresh carcass...turned it in to NOAA for study.

If this was the case...a random Kemps-Ridley surfacing...the boater did not see it, there wasn't any state restrictions on speed (posted)or it wasn't in a federal sanctuary, no laws were broken. I seriously doubt someone would capture that species of turtle and decapitate it.

When I first moved here and was walking along the beach with my family, some turtles were hatching down at Carolina Beach. I thought I would show my daughters what was going on. The turtle nazis baby-sitting almost had a coronary - calling for backup and air support for crowd control. I violated the six-foot perimeter!! WHOOP-WHOOP!! There was me...and my two elementary-age daughters.

I didn't want to burst the old retired ladies (tough, I might add) bubble and tell them I had done more for species preservation in one four year tour than they six of them would do in a lifetime.

Nothing to see here...move along.


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