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you define the need to protect animals

Your comments exemplify the underlying reason why these animals need to be protected. People like you who view it as their right to do anything they choose to an animal simply because we are human and view ourselves as superior to all other life on earth. We do NOT have the right to treat animals with cruelty by torturing and killing them regardless of how intelligent we are! You asked how this matters in the grand scheme of matters because this was an innocent animal that had to endure a tortuous death at the hands of a sick twisted person.

It is sad how everytime there is a story like this, anywhere, a troll like you pops out of the woodwork spouting "Why not help a human instead". If you feel so strongly about helping humans, good for you...go make a difference. More than likely, though, you never lift a finger to help others and just use that as a veiled attack on animal lovers. Tree-Hugger? Darn right I am, and I work 50 hours a week in a professional job.


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