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better than apathy

Sorry, friend, but a "knee jerk reaction" is far better than your apathetic attitude towards the welfare of animals that you so clearly exhibit. Further, there is nothing for me "Get Over" about myself. You made a ignorant and unsubstantiated blanket statement about Tree Huggers and I refuted your comment, so I wouldn't be one to talk about judging others.

By the way, I wouldn't be so quick to make statements about people being below you when you so clearly view yourself as superior to me and others who are deeply concerned about this issue.

Finally, you said "I wonder if maybe your "environmental conscience" is an excuse to not help those who you feel are beneath you". Last time I checked, we lived in the United States. I was not aware I was obligated to help anyone, much less need an excuse not to do so. My love of animals and environmental conscience is something I truly believe in, not some false facade to divert me from human-related suffering.


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