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Notice you don't identify yourself other than as "....One of many victims of your bullying"....I have NEVER been accused of being a bully so I challenge you to publicly come forward and state who/when/where/how this supposed and purely ficticious "bullying" occured. Be prepared to prove and document your charges (including your "many victims" statement)as if you fail to do so, and I know you will, you may face Defamation of Character, Slander and Libel suits!!!. As for my actions as Commissioner, I'm proud of my efforts and accomplishments on behalf of the residents and there are over forty e-mails in my mailbox attesting to the residents pride in me. Finally, unlike you I am not afraid to state who I am and where I stand PUBLICLY. I'm waiting......

Response to the malicious claim of an unidentified sender by Joe Breault.


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