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Who is not qualified????

Bravo Jack Griffith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have always felt you to be an intelligent and fair man. It is strange to me that the environmental department is now suffering from lack of knowledge... hence the adding off Mosier's over paid cronnies.

They are behind because they are trying to punish the very qualified men and women who have worked very hard to keep the Local Health Department running. These folks have been here for a long time and are very qualified to work in this field. But Mosier requires them to have their work checked by her yes boys before a permit can be issues. As a former employee I would like to say that I too remember a time when Environmental Health was way behind in issueing permits. The solutiion is not to slow down the process and treat Harry, Clay, and Pam as though they just poked their head in the door for the first time.

They should and I'm sure do feel insulted by the way Mosier is allowed to treat them. The county should be ashamed to employ a Health Director that is that type of person.

As for the two frozen positions I am sure her hurry must be that two more cronnies need jobs and want to move to Pender County. Look out those of you at PCHD that feel that you are safe, a friend of her's may need your job next.

Now the dental clinic was your baby Dr. Griffith. Does it surprise anyone that this would be one of the first things that Mosier, Shirley Steele, and George Brown would destroy. They do not care about the employees, you, or the citizens of Pender County. The dental clinic was destroyed solely because you where the one who helped create it, and there was no selfishness involved there. You did the things you did to enhance the department and to bring service to the citizens.

Salute, Salute, Salute to you Jack Griffith, I hope Pender County knows what they allowed George Brown and Shirley Steele to destroy.

Wow glad I am not working under the current administration!


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