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This amendment does not Ban

This amendment does not Ban same sex marriage...same sex marriage is already illegal....what it does do is deny rights for unmarried couples for both straight and gay couples. It denies unmarried couples to enter into hospitals to care for their loved ones. It takes away medical insurance from adopted children. Umarried couples insurance, medical benefits will be denied. This Amendment turns domestic violence laws into simple assault laws for unmarried couples! And so then people say that if you want these protections then just get married. Its' not that simple ... Seniors don't want to re-marry because they will lose their pensions. But they want their next companion to be there for them in the end. So they have to make a choice....lose benefits or lose the right to have that companion in the hosptial room with them in the end. If you are a true christian, then you would be against this amendment. Get the whole truth before you believe what a few people think. Yes this Amendment was born from hate and fear against the gay communtiy but the damages of this amendment are far reaching and we don't even know all the effects that it will have. And's illegal to get married for same sex couples already.....sooooo why is this amendment happening? Make sure that you VOTE AGAINST THIS AMENDMENT!


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