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Drama queen...

Are you saying that the Mayor is a LIER or LIAR, big difference. Unless she is trying to ambush someone. I think you meant liar, in which case I read the article too and not one time did she claim she was unaware of what was currently happening in Leland. So really what the hell are you being so dramtic about? You used a total of 30 exclamation marks in your post, don't you think you are being a bit of a drama queen? Well 30 exclamation marks and the number 1. Not sure what all that is about either. How do you know Sgt. N had sex with a CI at a house in Sturgeon Creek? I take it you are that CI? I am guessing he didn't call you the next morning and you are pissed off at him? These officers were relieved of duty, and I am sure they deserved to be, so at this point you should take your xanax and calm down a little.


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