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I'll tell you what is disgusting

I'll tell you what is people react to stories from the media without caring to know anything. You do not know these kids! You do not know what happened. You do not know how these charges came about. Offering to throw the books at them...what have you done in your life? These are children as well who have a ton to offer the world in a positive way. For you to even say that shows what a reasonable person you are.Their parents? Well, I can fend for one that they are wonderful parents who live their lives right. This was a stupid situation that got blown into something completely untrue. These kids were in no way, shape, or form trying to kidnap a kid! Everybody is always very quick to make their comments and judgements without knowing much at all. It is disgusting the way people are. These are both good kids! For people to think for even a moment that they were going to kidnap a child?!?! makes me think you need to be brought to the doctor before they do. Dumb things happen, but charging these kids with such a ridiculous charge is outrageous! I wish the police would get real criminals off the streets instead of trying to ruin these kids lives when it was obvious that it was a huge misunderstanding. I feel extremely sorry for them having to deal with this horrible situation.


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