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Fact 1. The news always

Fact 1. The news always blows things out of proportion to get people to watch or read the "breaking stories".
Fact 2. There's always 2 sides to every story.
Fact 3. If this were my child, I would be VERY concerned, upset, and want justice. I don't blame the childs parents one bit. There is no excuse for this, even if it was just a harmless prank. I feel for these parents and would be upset too.
Fact 3. I really don't believe that these 2 kids really meant any harm,(thank God) but this was a VERY serious mistake and they need to know and learn by this, unfortunatly. We learn by our mistakes. It was VERY WRONG and if guilty, they do need to learn that in this day and age, this is NOT exceptable. I feel for these parents also.
In this case, I would thank God it was not a true abduction, or bulling, like you see so often now in this terrible world that we live in. (what ever happened to the days we would go play until dark with the neighborhood kids? Our parents never heard nor worried about such things???
They need to learn a lesson,and learn from their unthinking mistakes, but not as severe if it was a true motive orientated abduction.
It's very sad, and unfortunate, but thank God, the little one is OK!


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