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I have read all of these

I have read all of these posts and all I can say are there are some clueless people in this town. OMG. First of all, ALL 10 year olds embellish the truth. Second of all, these two teenagers, like most teenagers, have mush for brains. It does not take a genius to figure this one out. The teenagers were being stupid, harassing a little kid. I really don't think they meant him any harm. But probably saying some really stupid stuff. This kid was scared I am sure but I bet he, probably with the help of his parents, have blown this way out of proportion. These charges will be dropped or severely reduced in a few days. They will be charged with intimidation or something like it. Which is what they deserve. They need to learn a hard lesson. Some of the people who have posted here who think these kids are kidnappers, I have some really nice swamp land in Brunswick County that I will sell you at a realy good price LOL


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