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That's your case?

Regardless of their motive or intent, I sure hope there is some significant event or evidence not mentioned in this story to support a charge of "attempted abduction."

Which one of them grabbed the kid or tried to coerce the kid into the car?

Simply TALKING to a kid, however creepy, hardly constitutes an attempted abduction, and does not rise to the level of 14-2.5 of the NCGS. This may be more of an attempt to put the fear of God into them than an actual planned prosecution, because the worst lawyer in the state could get these kids off. They may have scared the kid, but nothing they did meets the legal definition of an attempted abduction.

I'd just advise them to stop wasting their time. If they're going to take it upon themselves to correct every boneheaded pedestrian or crappy driver in this town, they'll have no time for school, jobs, or any other activity.


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