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attempted kidnapping

Some of you call this 16 and 18 year old paid KIDS> well, 18 years old is the age a person is tried as an adult when they break the law. They are not little children, the 10 yr old is a child. Everyone has heard the common things kidnappers use to lure children. the candy for you, puppy etc just the things these kids used trying to lure this 10 yr old to their car.
It's not a joke! The child was so scared he ran into the woods to get away from them and hide until it was SAFE to come out.
It is great his parents taught him to tell when someone tries to harm him. Good job to his parents!
The rest of you STOP trying to make excuses for this teenage duo. What they did was wrong and it did not come from a "good place" inside them.
That's one of the things wrong these days, people making excuses for others bad behavour and covering wrong doings up. stop being enablers.
these two need punishment and then psychological help.


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