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Two Teens

Two Angels, I think not. The young man was already on probation. Young adults, which they consider themselves to be, should know better than to mess around with a young child. There seems to be an issue on the part of these two to understand the basic concept of right and wrong. If scaring a 10 year old is how they get their thrills this indicates they have some underlying issues that desperately need to be addressed.
With all the concerns in regards to child abduction, drugs, and bullying this is no laughing matter. Call it as you please, but it was WRONG. If the young lady involved had been the 10 year old victim you can bet her parents would want justice. A child should be safe to walk home from a neighborhood school.
The court needs not to be lenient with this incident. These two need to learn a real lesson from this. If they don't they'll just see it as fun and games blown out of proportion, and another thing they get away with. The blame will be taken away from them and put on everyone and everything else, which seems to be an issue with the them already. Accountability for ones actions needs to be acknowledged with this incident. Who knows what may have happened it the child had got into the car. Thank goodness they teach "Stranger Danger" in schools, and the frightened child was quick enough to hide till they left. Hopefully these two will get the help they need from all of this.


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