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Justice for Leland 5

This is how Leland citizens are treated when they are trying to stand up for justice.  This is one of WWAY' sources!! Let's see if you post the truth!

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Mike Leggett
To: 'Justiceforleland5'
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 5:32 PM

Really, is that the best you can do? Since we haven’t reported on the Easter Egg Hunt, it will be easy to find out who was on the duty roster that day, and who Hank Smith called up to the egg hunt.
Just give me your name & I will be glad to report everything you said in your press release. It’s not difficult to figure out who you are, just giving you the chance to state your name along with your allegations!
If you have nothing to hide, step forward. Otherwise, shut up!
Mike Leggett
Local News Review
See how easy that was to sign my name!!!!
From: Justiceforleland5 []
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 4:57 PM
To: Mike Leggett
I'm just giving you  the means to do some real investigative work.  Go back to reporting on football games and Easter Egg Hunts. 
From: Mike Leggett
To: 'Justiceforleland5'
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 3:49 PM

To whom it may concern:
If you are serious regarding your press release, you will attach a "Real Name" to your press release. Otherwise, legitimate news outlets (unless they are looking for ratings) will not publish it.
If you have the legitimate complaints, and are willing to sign your name to the complaints, forward  it to me, and I will make sure it's published in The Local News Review. Otherwise, don't waste my time!
Thank you,
Mike Leggett
Local News Review
From: Justiceforleland5 []
Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2012 7:59 PM
Media Release
I have started a Facebook page to investigate the real misconduct of the political motivation behind the unfair suspension of the 5 Leland Officers.  All allegations of policy violations by Part-time Deputy with the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office/Interim Chief Mike James and Town Manager David Hollis have not been sustained.  They have suspended these 5 men unfairly and without “Just Cause”.  These officers have been denied their fourteenth amendment right.   
Interim Chief Mike James and Town Manager David Hollis called these 5 men in for a meeting on Friday, April 13th, 2012 .  Three of the five men were off duty.  They were instructed to come to the meeting wearing full uniform attire.  Once they arrived at the police station they were escorted into the meeting and handed a letter.  (Attached)  The letter stated they were suspended without pay for “complaints” of policy violations.  When each of the officers inquired as to their own policy violations, they were told by Town Manager David Hollis that “He was not prepared at this time to disclose that information”.  They were immediately striped of their badge and weapon and given no explanation.  They were then publicly humiliated in front of their peers as they were escorted to their offices to clean out their personal items.  After this painful humiliation, they were driven by police escort to their homes were they had to surrender their uniforms and gear, still not knowing what policy they violated. The Leland Police Department and the Town of Leland has placed a stigma on their reputation and made it public without any disclosure of charges or violations.  They have not been interviewed by the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office nor have they been questioned, in reference to any policy violations.
I do know this act carried out by the Town Manager David Hollis and Interim Chief Mike James violates the Leland Police Department policy 100-010 (G4).  The policy reads “after a complaint is sustained, and the Chief of Police determines that formal charges will be brought, the Chief of Police, or his/her designee, will direct that a final disposition document be prepared”.  “The final disposition document will provide:” 
A:  nature of charges;
B:  a copy of the investigative file, and
C:  a reasonable time frame in which the employee can respond to the charges either in written or oral form.
They not only violated Town Policy; they violated FLSA Policies and their right for a Loudermill Hearing.  Three of these officers are exempt employees.  FLSA states that an employer may impose in good faith an unpaid suspension for infractions of workplace conduct rules, such as rules prohibiting sexual harassment, workplace violence or drug or alcohol use or for violations of state or federal laws.  This provision refers to serious misconduct, not performance.  The suspension MUST BE imposed pursuant to a written policy applicable to all employees, which is not the case.  All past and present employees have been placed on paid suspension pending the out come of their investigation.
All of these 5 officers have participated in all Internal and External investigations, over the last year.  The Town of Leland spent close to $7,000 on polygraph tests for all Command Staff and several officers.  Four of the 5 were asked to submit to a polygraph, which they did and passed.  One past employee refused and one failed.  The past employee who refused was placed on PAID leave until the town could make a decision to release him of his duties.  He was later fired and appealed and paid during his appeal process.  The other past employee who was fired for failing the polygraph was later hired as a detective with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. The 3 top brass have never received any disciplinary actions under any administration, including the current Interim Chief Mike James. 
Town Manager David Hollis and Interim Chief Mike James had their political agenda from the beginning.  Interim Chief Mike James has brought the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office in on every decision he has made since he put on the Leland Police Department Chief’s Badge, on February 28th.  Interim Chief Mike James told the Command Staff at his first and only meeting with them, in February, that “All he knew about them was what he read in the blogs.”  He never involved the command staff from that point forward.
Interim Chief Mike James and Town Manager David Hollis have destroyed the reputations of these 5 men, in a two page statement, that took these men years to build.  These men for the past year have been under fire by the media and the community for not speaking out.  They were following Departmental Policy 100-015.
They can not speak for themselves at this time but I can, because they are still employed with the Town of Leland .  They need a voice.  Please help me give them a voice.  Let’s demand that this process be transparent. Hollis felt strongly that the actions they took against these 5 men were warranted but was unable to provide any reason for the suspension to the officers or to the council members, where is the transparencies in our local government?  They are running amok, with no regard for the law or for this town.  I’m sure the 5 officers would be willing to sign a release to disclose their personnel files to the media. 
I have started a Facebook page JUSTICEFORLELAND5 to get all the truth out, not just what the Town Manager David Hollis, Interim Chief Mike James and Sheriff John Ingram want you to know.  Please post any and all violations, from any member of the Leland Police Department or Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office on this page.  If you have any questions, I will try and answer them with only proven facts and not gossip.  My ultimate goal is to re-establish these officers reputations. 
I am on a campaign for justice for these 5 officers and for the truth behind the rumors and allegations, wherever the truth may lead.  I am looking for information involving any and all active Leland Police Officer’s involvements in the following: domestic situations at their residences, sexual harassment allegations, trespassing at an Oak Island motel, drunk and disorderly while displaying a Leland badge and any one that was stopped by Interim Chief Mike James from February 28th 2012 to March 30th,2012, while wearing a Leland Police Department’s badge and firearm and representing himself as a sworn law enforcement officer of the Leland Police Department under the Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission.  This is a violation of the NC state law not just a Town policy.
 If you have any complaints that were reported to the Leland Police Department’s IA division or information on any of the above allegations, please e-mail me a summary; please provide only allegations that can be sustained with facts.
My e-mail address is:


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