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Family People?

These five are far from what you are saying they are. I know that Phylicia DellaPia and her mother have sung the praises of Rick (and have also created this Justice for 5 Group) but lets lay out what they have done: They coordinated and targeted Sherry Lewis and assaulted her in an exercise with paint-balls, they forced out one of the only "professional" lieutenants they had there, they targeted officers they didn't like to force them out and protected those that are now suspended - I mean FIRED - fixing promotion tests, covering their drug use and sex they had with other peoples wives and informants in police buildings and police vehicles on duty, and shot off their weapons while drunk at a new years eve party and tried to cover it up - the same guy who drew his weapon on at least two fellow officers - and lets not forget the bachelor party where the former chief assaulted an officer, where two of the other "5" assaulted a civilian in a parking lot, used their patrol cars to go to Myrtle Beach - these are the "family oriented gentleman that love their wives and children very much"? There is so much more to these "family oriented gentleman" that will never come out but just know who you are trying to defend!! Give it up - these "5" are thugs with long histories of questionable ethics and bending the law to benefit them. This is the Justice for 5; better yet, the justice for Leland - FINALLY! If only Jayne and Farris could be held accountable for allowing these people to almost destroy Leland - that would be TRUE JUSTICE!


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