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If this was just anyone other than the Sheriff's son would it make the news?? The answer to that is NO. Poor Ronald Hewett is still being talked about and its been long enough for that to be over with. Sheriff Ingram is NOT to blame for what his son did. I believe without a doubt he will get what anyone else would get if they were caught doing the same thing. Sheriff Ingram is doing a GREAT job for Brunswick County and this is no different. His son made a very bad decision in drinking and driving. Glad nothing bad happened to him or anyone else. He is 21 living on his own he was raised by wonderful people I personally know his Mom, Dad and Grandparents and they are wonderful people. We as parents can raise our children the best we can and when they're grown we are not responsible for the decisions they make. Don't see why everyone wants to talk about the parents when they are not the blame for what has happened. I hope everyone follows this story and you will see he got his punishment just like anyone else. Sheriff Ingram and Shannon I DON'T BLAME YOU!!! Keep up the good work Sheriff I will stand behind you!!!!!!!


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