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The whole truth

In a situation like this it is really easy to sit back and be a Monday morning quarterback. I think there are two sides to every story and I think that most of the people commenting here are upset and unable to see the bigger picture. I know both the ex-husband and Megan. I do not claim to be close to either of them but I can say I have had dealings with both. I can honestly say that I have seen, with my own eyes, some rather "dark" posts on Megan's FB page within the last couple months. I can also say that those girls were her world and she loved them both very much, so the thought of suicide is hard to swallow, but not impossible to believe. I have spoken with the ex-husband on several occasions while they were together and split, and I never heard him utter a negative word about Megan even when everyone around him was saying nasty things. I never heard him say a negative word. That doesn't mean he didn't it just means that in public when I was present I never heard it. Yes there were reports of two shots fired, but can anybody besides the police and the investigators and the coroner say there were two GSW's? Also, I have seen it posted that Megan was moving on, well so was he. And another thing to think about is the relationship he has with his first ex-wife. I don't know the whole story between these two and chances are neither do the rest of you. But to sit here and accuse someone of murder just because you don't want to believe she would do something like this is wrong. Nobody is perfect, everybody has their good and their bad personality traits. Megan was a mother of two beautiful girls and she will be missed greatly by those who knew and cared for her, do you think she would want all this hatred to be out there on the Internet for those girls to see when they are older? Let the investigation take its course and let the police do their job. If this was something other than suicide the truth will come out. Stop judging and hating, those girls need you to stop and just pray.


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