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There wouldn't be so many fingers pointed his direction if there wasn't a reason for it. There are many things that have led many of us to believe what is being posted about him. One because we were close with her and know the inside things you have not heard. Two the details in the story are too coincidental and although it may not be him, to me he should be the number one suspect with the evidence we are given by photos and things seen and heard right before. I would bet a lot on it being true.

I am friends with her and also have her on FB, she has in no way had a "dark" post. Has she had "bad day" posts, yeah, and I am sure we all have one or two of them in the past few months. You cannot base her stability on FB posts. Even if you wanted to go that route none of her posts even came close to suicidal thoughts or wanting to give up. If anything she was uplifting and positive given the circumstances he put her in. In fact they were inspiring and wanted to make yourself better because she was so positive to better her life without him. He was not good to her and was terrible with and without her. Let's not pretend he is this stand up guy who doesn't say negative things. I have read the things he has said, and what she has said he has said to her...were not so great.

It is so unfortunate the family and friends have to mourn her and deal with all this too. I agree the girls need to stay out of discussed topics, but I will not sit her and accept wrong sayings of a great friend and mother.


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