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In no way was my comment geared to disgrace Megan. I am simply pointing out the fact that this story has two sides. I am not saying either of them was a horrible person or that either of them was wrong or right. Don't misconstrue my words and make it a podium to preach hate and discontent. As you yourself said you were close to Megan and you also said, ''the things she said he said.'' that right there is biased thinking. Every story has two sides and since you were close to one side I'm sure you never had the chance to get the other side. Nobody is perfect and we as humans do horrible things to one another all the time, but it doesn't make us horrible people. I understand you are hurting and it makes more sense to lash out and point fingers than to just hurt. But please don't paint a picture of complete innocence when I'm sure, as with most relationships, both parties have their faults. Stop and think for one moment about those two beautiful girls and how the words you post may affect them. They are without their mother and their father is now custodian, it will only hurt them to see this hate and discontent thrown out there against the one person they have to find stability with. The road they will travel from here will be hard enough without all the negativity.K


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