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Megan Deserves for Her Story to be Heard

I agree that it is easy to sit back and speculate, but I also think that when someone like Megan dies like this that a huge outpouring for truth is to be expected. Megan and I grew up together... I've known her since elementary school. Megan was one of the most inspirational, kind, and loving women that I have ever known. Megan had real faith in God, she was a dedicated mother, a cherished part of her family, a true friend, and a fighter... she wasn't the kind of person who gives up. I personally find it a hard pill to swallow that she committed suicide with her four year old outside playing in the yard and knowing that her little brother's birthday is today. I find all of this even more difficult to believe after hearing that her ex was at the home, that neighbors heard arguing before the shooting, that there were two shots fired, that police were conducting some serious searching of the home/yard for evidence (if it was a suicide... what were they looking for? the gun surely would've been within Megan's reach), and that news reporters are having to fight for access to the 911 tapes. I know that Megan's Facebook reflected the things that she was struggling with lately, but it also reflected the undying hope and faith that she exhibited every single day of her life. I think to say that she had taken a turn towards "darker" posts over the past few months is being a bit over the top. Further, Lyndzey and Katie are both in my prayers. I pray that they both know that their mother loved them deeply - no matter what occurred in this incident. I also pray that they can have full disclosure of the events that occurred yesterday, so that they may have closure in their future. I don't think that anyone on this forum is hating. I think that they are joining together and asking for answers.


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