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First of all, I never said

First of all, I never said she took a turn to the darker side. What I said was I had seen some dark posts on FB. This was not meant to be twisted into a "OMG she was suicidal!" it was simply stating that she had posted some "dark" posts, she was in pain and she had some rough patches to get through. Second, I agree with you that her side of things needs to be put out there, however, I also think that when this post was made I was seeing a lot of finger pointing and accusations toward her ex, which in my opinion is unfair considering this incident is still being investigated. I don't know what happened in that house that day and neither does anybody else who is posting on here. I don't think that our law enforcement would purposely sweep a murder under the rug just because they know the parties involved. I know that forensic evidence will provide answers to all the questions and I know that many of the people posting here need to check themselves and allow the investigation to run its course. We have all seen the photos of the detectives searching in and around the house, but how does anybody know what exactly that we're looking for? Who said the gun went missing? Who said this was intentional? All of these questions are speculation. I posted the above words in hopes that somehow it would open the eyes of all those willing to cast judgement and post hate messages.


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