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I am sorry for your loss. I

I am sorry for your loss. I know Megan was a good person and that she was a wonderful mother to those two little girls. But that doesn't give anyone the right to start throwing out accusations. The fact that you were close with Megan and as you stated, "you heard the things she told you he said" are perfect reasons for you to stop. You cannot think about this situation objectively. You do not know what exactly happened in that house that day, nor do you know anymore about their relationship than the rest of us simply because you only have one side of the story, the side your friend wanted you to have. Every story has two sides with two perspectives and two parties to blame. I'm not saying she was wrong or right or that he was wrong or right, but I am sure that both of them were at fault on some level for the things that happened and it isn't fair that you feel a need to paint a picture of innocence when you were not in the situation. You were not present that day and you do not know what happened. It makes me ill, literally, to think that Megan would do this sort of thing especially when her baby was there, because I know how much she loved her babies. But I don't think it's right for everyone to lash out and make accusations until the investigation is complete. please stop posting all the hatred. The truth will come out no matter what it is. Have faith that everything will be brought to light in its own time, but for now stop accusing and judging the ex simply because you are hurting. Those two precious girls have just lost their mother, and now everyone seems hell bent on ruining their father without evidence. Put those girls needs first, they need stability and they need all of us, no matter what opinion we have to pull together for them and show love and support for them and the rest of the family so that they can get through this.


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